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Aries Eka Prasetyo


QR code or commonly known as QR Code is the form of bar code evolution from one dimension to two dimensions. The use of QR codes is very common in Japan. Its ability to store data that is larger than code stem so that it can encode information in Japanese because it can accommodate kanji. QR codes have received international standardization and standardization from Japan in the form of ISO / IEC18004 and JIS-X-0510 bases has been widely used through cellphones in Japan.

Steps to Create a QR Code ; install the QR generator application, Install the barcode scanner application on android, Make a QR Code, Creating innovation from the QR Code, and  Documentation and Publication.

Some Qode QR Innovations; Fill in the QR Code Cabinet, Plant Info from the QR Code, Presentation with QR Code, Canteen QR Code, Mading Digital QR Code, and QR Code Library.

Mr Aries Eka Prasetya is a History teacher in SMAN 22 Surabaya. He is focus on innovation and creativity of an effective and fun model in learning. one of his hoobies are cinematografi, travelling, literacy and innovation in learning. he was graduated from History Education of UNESA Surabaya 2005. He got the scholarship in Dong Eui University, Busan South Korea 2013. Mr. Aries is founder of moral literacy namely SAMISANOV (Satu Minggu Satu Inovasi). He visited Melbourne Australia on 2017 and He was one of the Winner in Indonesia Digital Learning (IDL) 2016. He got many rewards (26 works 2012 – 2018). Moreover, He have been showed in mass media ; Talk Show, Sarah Sechan, Indonesia Morning, Show Net TV, Inovasi Discussion JTV, Inovation news MNC TV.

He wrote some books such as; Mengajar Kreatif bersama Guru Inovatif, Samisanov jilid 1 “Sebuah Awal Inovasi”, Samisanov jilid 2 “Inovasi Komik Sejarah”, Samisanov jilid 3 “Inovasi dan Kreasi dari Smadda”, Samisanov jilid 2 “Inovasi Tanpa Titik Henti”, Kumpulan Metode Inovasi dan Kreasi serta Cerita Inspirasi”, Karya ilmiyah Inovatif, Komik Sejarah Kota Surabaya, Aries The Explorer, Penggalan Kata Tanpa Makna, Samisanov 5 “ Inovasi Guru Samisanov Untuk Indonesia, Samisanov 6 “ Tutorial Inovasi Samisanov, Satu Bulan di Busan, dan Samisanov 7 “ Kunci Sukses Inovasi Guru Samisanov”.

The reporter was one of the participant in the innovative QR Code session in the Workshop of English Teachers’ Forum (MGMP) East Java, Hotel Tanjung Surabaya whose the participants were 27 Professional English Teachers from district and sub-district of East Java (12/1/2019). He got many additional knowledge relating to the innovation learning, especially in English Language Teaching. He was proud of himself and participating the Innovative Learning with QR Code. He hope it would be give more inspirations of these particularly as the English Teachers. (frchn, 15/1/2019)

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English Student S1 ( English and Literature UIN Maliki Malang, East Java Indonesia) S2 ( On going at The Islamic University of Malang, East Java Indonesia) Wa 085815899068

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