Bromo Montain

Keep Spirit

Bromo is located in east java. Bromo is an active volcano. The name of Bromo from Javanese pronountation is Brahma. It is most favourite place to visit in east java.Every holiday, Many tourists visit this place. It is a beautiful place. Bromo has a creater  Bromo has a beautiful area is sand of sea and grassland. Because in this area , you can found different between sand area and grass area. Wide a sand of sea Bromo is 4800 m2.  In holiday you can visit Bromo because you can see sunset and you can be experience a beautiful view .

Visit Bromo you must has jeep, if you don’t has jeep, you can rent jeep because bromo has hard road. If you want to see sunset, you must go to Bromo from midnight. Bromo has erupted more than 30. Until now Bromo is active volcano. 

I have an amazing experience. I like Bromo. I have many time to Bromo. I go to Bromo with my wife, friends and others. I can meet some people from other cities, or countries in the world. (Ruhin).

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English Student S1 ( English and Literature UIN Maliki Malang, East Java Indonesia) S2 ( On going at The Islamic University of Malang, East Java Indonesia) Wa 085815899068

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