Nasgor Sumbawa

It is amazing and nice afternoon in Sumbawa Canteen which location is
near by Bromo Mount for about 39 km Raya Lumbang street 01 Krajan Tongas Probolinggo East Java Indonesia.

Nasgor Sumbawa is like another canteen in general which has some menu such various drinks, snack, and others. It is very suitable to be meeting place, refreshing, family gathering etc.

The Sumbawa is one name place of Indonesia place, but here the Sumbawa can be found in Probolinggo East Java and has spesial friedrice. The location has very nice view that the visitors are able to find some beautiful views such field, blue trees, and etc.

Mr Ofa and Mrs Vix from Ukraina

Mr Jeje as the owner of Sumbawa Canteen says that there are so many visitors or buyers from local or international visitor such as Mr Ofa and Mrs Vix from Ukraina. They are travelling to Bromo Mount and visit the Sumbawa for eat and drink in Canteen, for more informations we can check it in nasgor sumbawa as keyword. They are so satisfied in the taste of this menu. They have been Bali touring and will go to Banyuwangi. (ruhin, 14/2/2019).

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