The Second National Gathering of English Teachers Forum 2018

The Second National of English Teachers (MGMP)

were 66 Participants in Batu City

The National Silaturahim (Silatnas) The Second National of English Teacher Forum MGMP was held at Asida Hotel in Batu, East Java, for three days, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 5, 6 and 7 July 2018 it turns out that it still hasn’t produced maximum results. The target of 200 participants of the Indonesian English Teacher of Senior High School who was the representative in the 2nd Silatnas turned out to be only attended by 66 participants. Those present were representatives from East Java, West Java, Central Java, North Sumatra, West Sumatra and Sulawesi, while participants who were expected to be from the eastern Indonesia were present at the annual event, apparently they also did not come for the same reason as the Acceptance of New Students ( PPDB).

Dewi Larasati Second Public Relations Section of the Second National of English Teacher Forum Committee (MGMP) said the degeneration of Silatnas in the Second National English Teacher forum was one of the ways to improve English human resource teachers starting from the west to the east, Sabang to Meraoke in order to gain new experiences and new innovations. “In that event, we want to unite how our brothers and sisters in the west and east can share, miss communication, exchange ideas that we can bring to each school,” Larassati explained. However, he said, to improve the ability and skills of teachers in implementing the learning curriculum 13 and the new rules, it still has not been attended by participants from Eastern Indonesia. “They did not come because it coincided with PPDB, because there were still a shortage of teachers, until finally they became committee members, I hope that next year the 3rd Silatnas can be participated by our brothers in Eastern Indonesia,” . Inna Nivanti, Chair of the National Silaturahim Committee (Silatnas ) The Second National of English Teachers Forum (MGMP) was held and the target was for Senior High School of English teachers throughout Indonesia to get new information and innovations that could be extracted from the resource persons. “In addition, to establish silaturohmi with English subject teachers in Indonesia. Its also to be able to improve their quality in self-development, creative and innovative ” he said.

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